The East Anglian Mills Society or TEAMS was formed during 2008 following a series of meetings between like-minded mill owners and enthusiasts in East Anglia. The aims of TEAMS are simply to share information, expertise and experience in maintaining, preserving and restoring our mills and to help each other with the the issues of owning these lovely buildings.  In the Autumn of last year we welcomed Northfield (or Shade) Mill at Soham (details to follow soon).

Windmills were once the focal point in every community providing employment and producing flour, not to mention the visual aesthetic they exude. Throughout the 20th Century windmills became disused and were replaced by more efficient ways of flour production. By the Second World War most windmills were decommissioned and demolished for scrap material.

Watermills have survived better than windmills, but by far the majority have been converted to homes or for other uses and have lost their machinery.

Thankfully a few special mills have survived the decades, largely through a sustained dose of TLC from their owners and major support from organisations like the Society for The Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB), English Heritage, The National Trust and mill groups such as TEAMS that exist in many counties. We want you to come and see our Mills and support their continued existence.

If you own a mill or have a skill and would like to volunteer to work on any of the Mills during the annual round of work-in’s then please go to the Enquiries page.  Finding the right sort of materials for these ancient buildings is very difficult and TEAMS has a number of dedicated suppliers who have supported the various mills - please see the Suppliers page.

On the second full weekend in May each year, there is a National Mills Weekend when many mills are open to the public.  We also hold a TEAMS open day, this year on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September to coincide with the Haddenham Steam Rally.  You can check which TEAMS mills are open on these days by going to the Calendar.

Hope to see you in 2013!